Wanted now:

Punching machines TRUMPF:
1000R, 2000R, 3000R, 5000R

CNC press brakes:
TrumaBend & Amada
Laser machines TRUMPF:
TRUMATIC L 2510, 2530,
3020, 3030, 3040, 3050, 4030

Company RUKOM Ltd.

Best of Export


Company RUKOM Ltd located in Prague, Czech Republic. Our firm is specialized in the selection and purchase of the necessary sheet metal working machines, spare parts and tools for customers in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

We have more than ten years of experience in the supply of equipment and technical products from West to East.

Our specialists and technics quickly and efficiently can repair any laser, punching machines, CNC hydravlic plate shears and press brakes by TRUMPF, AMADA and another manufacturers.

We bought in Europe and delivered to our customers from East some used:

Trumpf in the sky

  • CNC press brakes of type: TRUMPF TrumaBend 80/2, V 130,3120,
    AMADA: HFE 170-3, APX 125-3, APX 100-3, HFT 100-3, HFB 80, ITS 2, APX 50-20, HFBO 50-20, HFB 5020, HFE 50-20 and BAYKAL, new in 1990-2007;
  • CNC punching machines of type: TRUMPF Trumatic 260 R, 200 R, 2000 R, 500 R and 5000 R, new in 1988-2006;
  • CNC punching laser cutting machines of type: TRUMPF TC 600L, TС240L and TC260L, new in 1988-2000;
  • CNC laser cutting machines of type: TRUMPF Trumatic L 3003, L 2503 E, L 3030, L 2530 and L 4030, new in 1988-2006.
  • CNC hydravlic plate shears AMADA GP 420, new in 1990.

We supply spare parts and tooling for machines of such manufacturers as TRUMPF, AMADA, Beyeler, Bystronic, LVD, HACO and others as soon as possible in the most favorable conditions. 

press brake Hezinger

In addition to the supply new equipment, we are the representatives of German company  - Hezinger Maschinen GmbH and Italian STR S.r.l., which produce CNC plasma cutting machines, waterjet cutting machines, guillotine shears, folding machines, hydraulic and electro-mechanical press brakes.

Service of this equipment is also carried out by our technicians.

In addition, we are looking to supply any technical products from the European Union for our customers in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Our company supplies component parts for wind turbines Turbowinds T600-48, supplies for cranes and lifting equipment as well as electrical engineering and electronics for industrial use.

Our company is investing a lot in advertising, exhibitions and participates actively expands to Eastern markets.

Our policy is to make prompt inspections, firm offers and removal by our skilled employees to suit you – not forgetting prompt payment!

Turbowinds T600-48

What can we offer to our customers?

  • Purchase of your equipment on the best terms of payment without delay!
  • Find buyers and sale your products or goods to the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine!
  • Assistance in customs clearance and export of goods from EU to East!
  • Advice on promotion and distribution of your products in Russian speaking countries!

Our customers find us using the recommendations of our past and present clients!

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We very much look forward to the pleasure of doing business with you on a mutual basis.